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Gift fic for lilly0 8/8

A piece of rainbow for lilly0 Part 8

“In other news, Ministry of Finance candidate Sakurai Sho...”

“Boss! Come quick, it’s Sho-san on TV!” Toma yelled from the living as he watched the election on Satoshi’s TV. Satoshi padded out of his office-bedroom and sat down next to Toma. Even though he was still slightly resentful that Sho won Jun over, he still supported his friend. Plus, if he had to lose Jun over another guy, Sho would be the best choice.

“… recent report shows that although Sakurai-san had a whirlwind romance with famous interior designer, Matsumoto Jun, the pair had broken their three-month-long relationship…”

“What?!” Satoshi exclaimed while Toma choked on the ramen noodles he was eating.

“D-did I just hear right? They broke up?” Satoshi cocked his head at Toma.

“Boss, this is your chance. Go get ‘im.”

Satoshi made a face. “I don’t know, I mean, to just swoop in-” Satoshi jumped when Toma slammed the cup noodles on the coffee table and stood up, his nose flaring up in anger.

“Satoshi, sometimes I just want to smack you upside the head.” Toma grabbed him by the armpit and roughly pulled him up. “Get your ass over there, right now.” He semi-dragged Satoshi to the door and pushed him out. “Don’t come back until you made out with him.” And with that, Toma closed the door in his face, locking him out of his own apartment.


Satoshi peered in through the glass door outside the studio. Toma was right, in a way. He had been longing to see Jun ever since they shared a kiss weeks ago. He didn’t have the courage to face the man after the fact, either, and ignored him. It was a long time ago, but he couldn’t help feeling nervous just the same.

“He’s inside, if you want to talk to him.”

“Jeez!” Satoshi jumped at the voice and whipped around to find Kazunari. He hardly sees Jun’s business partner, who looked like he just got back from another business endeavor. Kazunari gave him a Cheshire-cat grin, looking amused at his jumpiness. He didn’t say another word, though, and walked around Satoshi to the door. He paused, smiled at Satoshi and held the door open for him.

Satoshi followed in, looking gingerly for any signs of Jun. Somehow, Kazunari had vanished without a word, leaving him alone to lurk. There, he spotted Jun working on a stage design near the back. The man must have sense someone behind him because he turned. Once he realized it was Satoshi, he turned back around, completely ignoring him.

“I- I heard you and Sho broke up,” Satoshi said, approaching him slowly.

“Yeah, well…” Jun didn’t bother to turn to speak. Instead, he kept tinkering with the cloth sample over the backing of the couch. “Maybe I really am not the relationship kind of guy. Single life forever.”

“I want you. You can be in my life.”

Jun straightened up and turned slowly to face him, his expression unreadable. He walked over to Satoshi, locking eyes with him. Satoshi felt a surge of relief. At least, maybe he could finally be with Jun. Instead, the man raised a fist and-before Satoshi could react-punched him. Satoshi fell backwards and over the couch of the next design showcase stage, landing hard on the coffee table. Luckily, Satoshi didn’t break the table, or the decorations around it.

The commotion must have echoed through the studio because Masaki and Kazunari ran toward the noise. Their gaping mouths and widened eyes read that they didn’t expect this turn of event. Jun moved to walk away, but Satoshi hurriedly got up and caught him by the arm, whipping Jun around back to him. The force made Jun collide back to Satoshi, sending them both down to the floor, Jun landing hard on top of him, their lips touching.

“Ooh!” Kazunari and Masaki gasped, cringing on the impact.

Jun quickly pulled his head back, his cheeks turning red. He struggled to get up but Satoshi held on tightly on his arms, lifting his head up to kiss him again. Jun shifted his head, and Satoshi’s kiss landed just the corner of his mouth. He started kissing his neck.

“Stop playing games with me, Ohno-san,” Jun cried out. His eyes flared in anger, staring down at him. “I kept calling and calling yet you never called me back or even explained why you kissed me then.” He pushed himself off, slipping out of Satoshi’s grasps.

Satoshi cringed. He deserved that, yet he still felt slightly hurt that Jun had reverted to addressing him formally. Jun sat on the floor, flashing angry eyes at him. Satoshi sat up, putting a hand on his shoulder, only to be shrugged off.

Satoshi sighed. “You’re right. I had been an asshole, leaving you hanging like that, then just showing up as if nothing had happened. I have no excuse.”

“Why’d you kiss me anyway?” Jun asked, looking straight in his eyes.

Satoshi diverted his. “I-I don’t know.”

Jun rolled his eyes and sighed. “Typical.” He nearly spat out and made to get up.

“No, wait. Yeah, I do. It’s… I love you, okay. I always have, well, not always have, but more like when I finally got to know you better, around the time we were at that park and I was taking pictures of you, and, well, you are so charming and gorgeous, and just so smart, and funny, and-”

Jun’s lips landed firmly on his. Satoshi’s eyes widened, then closed as he deepened the kiss. Jun’s lips felt soft against his.

An eternity later, or just a moment-time isn’t of the essence-they pulled away to catch their breaths, their foreheads touching. Jun bit his lips shyly, then gave Satoshi’s nose a chaste kiss. Satoshi felt like he was about to burst as he wrapped his arms around Jun and drew him in. “So are we cool?” he asked softly in his ear.

Jun smiled and nudged his shoulder on him. “See? Being in love isn’t so bad, is it?”

Satoshi blinked, surprised that Jun had remembered what he had said about love, and smiled. No, it wasn’t so bad after all.


“Thank you for coming, everyone,” Masaki called out to the reporters leaving, waving to them. The reporters filed out of Jun’s new home, which he shared with Satoshi, talking to their respective crews as the interview of Jun’s personal interior design and Satoshi’s winning photograph of their own home had just ended. Masaki closed the front door.

Kazunari sighed. “About time they leave. I’m not really into media.” He shook his head, then headed to the dining room. “Shall we set up the table and start eating or wait for them?” He gestured his head to the general direction of the living room.

“I’m hungry,” Toma piped up. “If we wait, we’ll never get to eat.” So with that, he, Masaki, and Kazunari started setting up plates and food.

“Junichi-san, dinner’s ready!” Toma called out to Junichi who was on the phone with his secretary from LDA, discussing about another issue. He hung up and headed to the table.

“Oh, is someone else coming?” he asked, pointing at what seemed to be an extra place setting. The doorbell rang. Momentarily, Toma came back with Sho following behind him, who smiled at everyone at the table. Junichi’s mouth hung open, watching the newcomer sat next to him. Sho nodded a hello. With a lopsided grin, he leaned slightly closer and asked, “How you doin’?”

Kazunari tapped the wine glass softly with a fork. Everyone looked at him. He raised a glass. “I want to make a toast-”

“Wait,” Masaki held up a hand and glanced at the living room. “Should we interrupt them? They’ve been at it for a while.” They all turned to look at the couple still making out on the couch since the reports left.

“Really? For a while?” Sho asked.

“Yup. So should we?” Masaki asked again.

“Nah.” Everyone agreed.

Tags: p: matsumoto jun/ohno satoshi, r: pg-13, year: 2016
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