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Gift fic for phrenk 2/3

A piece of rainbow for  phrenk Part 2


The number of messages that Jun exchanges with Nino in a day exceeds the number of messages in any other chat thread that Jun has. They relay notifications to one another casually now despite the initial bugging feeling of being inappropriate about it. Once a conversation is started, it naturally flows. They talk about almost everything that catches their attention. It really feels like they have never stopped talking.

After the second day ends, Jun starts to lose his urge to solve this swapped phone condition as soon as possible. He figures that he can proceed his life as per usual, with Nino’s phone with him and his phone with Nino. Not much has changed. The biggest change is that now he has to be constantly in contact with Nino, and it is not a bad thing.

Jun also feels that there is this good tension between them. Ever since he asked Nino to pretend to be his boyfriend, Nino has been joking about that frequently.

Won’t you call me to wish me goodnight, my dear ‘boyfriend’? Nino messages on the third night.

The message is followed by a series of laughing stickers, but it’s a reason enough for Jun to actually call Nino to wish him goodnight. The conversation is filled with laughter and it ends in a few minutes, but it leaves Jun with a good and excited feeling. The ‘Don’t Answer’ girl doesn’t call again, but the joke stays. Nino uses it against Jun when he deems it necessary; like when he asks Jun to walk his Pokemon GO until the eggs are hatched. “As a good pair of boyfriends, we should raise our Pokemon together,” Nino says while laughing, successfully making Jun ‘have to’ go to the convenience store at midnight just so he could walk five kilometers and hatch a Snorlax that then Nino calls ‘my baby’.

On the fourth day, Jun gets confronted by Toma on the set.

“Matsumoto Jun, you sly,” Toma says loudly while entering the changing room.

Sho, who is also there, looks at Toma and then to Jun, interested in the commotion.

“Fumiko called me.” Toma stands right in front of Jun. “She said you have a boyfriend. What the fuck is happening?”

Sho’s eyes turn round. He sits up straight and turns his whole body to Jun. “So the ex has really become boyfriend, now?!”

“The ex?” Toma’s voice gets higher. He drags a chair to the front of Sho and Jun and starts interrogating. “Okay, what’s happening here? I need to know from A to Z about this because the last time you said you’re as single as a pringle and now you have a boyfriend which might be your ex too.”

Jun laughs because this is somehow funny for him. He didn’t count that the news that Nino is his boyfriend might reach Toma, and now Sho is believing it too. Jun could end this by telling them the truth, of course, but Jun doesn’t want to do that. Seeing both Toma and Sho like this is fun, and getting people to think that he and Nino are together again gives him pleasant feelings.

“First, I was single when I told you that,” Jun smirks. He is not lying. He was single and is single, but Toma doesn’t need to know about the details. “Second, he is my ex. Why are you so surprised about that? I’ve never told you that I’m not into guys.”

“He’s an omnivore,” Sho confirms to Toma, which Toma responds with a gaping face.

Toma needs a full minute to digest everything and to recover from his shock. He groans when he comes to and starts to complain, “Why the hell have you never told me about this?!”

“You’ve never asked,” Jun shrugs. He then smirks and teases, “What? You’d terror me yourself if you knew I was into guys?”

“You wish!” Toma barks. But then, he asks, “Terror?”

“She called me non-stop,” Jun finally tells Toma. “Ten to twenty times a day. Only stopping if I told her that I’m going to be on the plane. And after she knows that I have a boyfriend, apparently.”

“She did?! God, I knew she’s aggressive but I didn’t know she’s that aggressive. Sorry for that,” Toma apologizes.

Jun waves with a chuckle, gesturing that he’s past it already.

Sho leans towards Jun. “So, now you’re back with your ex?”

Jun presses his lips together and shrugs, not giving any answer to that.

“Who is this guy, by the way? I’ve never heard anything about him,” Toma asks.

Again, Jun only shrugs. His eyes are showing that he’s having fun.

Toma and Sho start to complain and coax Jun into giving information but Jun doesn’t budge. Suddenly, Jun raises his arm to stop Toma and Sho midway because the phone is buzzing. The name ‘J’ is flashed on the screen. It’s Nino.

“Is it him?” Toma asks. He exchanges glances with Sho.

In a split second, Jun’s face turns bright with a restrained laugh. In the next split second, Toma snatches the phone and answers the call. Jun tries to stop Toma but Sho swiftly sits on him, effectively immobilizing him.

Toma puts the phone on loud speaker.

“Hello, J,” Nino’s voice comes in. Both Toma and Sho furrow their brows, confused.

“Hello, fine gentleman,” Toma replies.

“Nino—” Jun tries to shout but Sho shuts him up by covering his mouth with his hand.

“Hello? J??” Nino sounds confused and worried. No one can blame him, though. For all he knows, a stranger is answering his phone and Jun is silenced after trying to call out for him. This could be a scene straight out from a thriller movie.

“Don’t worry, your boyfriend is safe with us,” Toma says. He stares Jun straight to the eyes while smirking. “I thought your name is J? That’s what the caller ID says.”

“Who is this?” Nino refuses to answer and asks back instead. “J, what’s happening? Do I need to call the police?”

Jun tries to yell through Sho’s hand but nothing comes out but undeciphered grumbles. Sho decides to talk as well, “Whoa, whoa, calm down. We’re Jun’s friends.” Then, he amends, “We’re J’s friends.”

Nino takes three seconds before talking again. His voice is careful and calculated, probably trying to analyze the situation. “If you’re Jun’s friends, then why does he sound like that?”

“Because we’re asking about the new boyfriend and he doesn’t cooperate, so we decided that it’s better to ask the new boyfriend directly,” Toma explains.

“I’m Sakurai Sho, by the way,” Sho introduces himself. “Please don’t get mad about the next AnAn, we’re just posing.”

“And I’m Ikuta Toma. My friend’s sister’s friend is currently weeping because you told her you’re Jun’s boyfriend.”

“Oh,” Nino replies. “Oh!” he repeats, sounding like he’s finally getting it. “Sakurai Sho the model and Ikuta Toma, the guy who dared to invite my boyfriend out the other day.”

“I’m a model too!” Toma complains. It’s obvious that he focuses on the fact that he’s being described differently from Sho, but Jun focuses on an entirely different thing.

The sound of Nino himself referring Jun as his boyfriend makes Jun grin under Sho’s hand.

“The model who invited my boyfriend out so late at night,” Nino points out. Now that he gets how the situation is, he no longer sounds wary.

“Oh, I didn’t know he has a curfew,” Toma laughs. “Anyway, what’s your name? We want to know to whom we should report to if our little J here is being naughty.”

“Name’s Nino,” Nino answers. “Don’t worry about reporting because I’m coming there myself.”

Jun practically jumps out of his seat while shoving Sho away to take his phone. “You what?”

“Oh, hi, boyfriend,” Nino says while giggling. “I’m going to Tokyo tomorrow. Have some works to do there so I’m taking a flight there tomorrow morning.”

“Wait, he’s not in Tokyo?” Sho asks.

“I’m not,” Nino answers in place of Jun.

“Should I...,” Jun bites his lips before deciding to continue what he’s about to say, “Should I pick you up?”

“No need to. I’m going straight to work anyway,” Nino turns Jun’s offer down. “But, you’re available from 4 PM, right?”

Jun tries to recall his schedule, “I’m— Uh—”

“You are,” Nino laughs, “That’s what you schedule says.”

“Oh, God. Jun gives him his schedule? This is serious, Sho-san,” Toma comments and Jun realizes that they still have an audience.

“Jun gives me his phone, Ikuta-san. We’ve exchanged phones, that’s why you saw J instead of my name as the caller ID,” Nino says. He sounds somewhere between teasing and smug, knowing very well that this will make Toma and Sho get even more confused. “I am that possessive.”

Jun laughs because Nino is anything but possessive. Nino has always been respectful to Jun and his privacy—never prying on anything even when they’re still in a real relationship. Nino believes that dating doesn’t mean giving their lives to each other, and that’s one of the many things that Jun likes about Nino.

As expected, Sho and Toma charge towards Jun with curiosity and disbelief painted obviously across their faces.

“Wait, Nino, I’ll go and get some privacy,” Jun laughs and jumps away from his two friends before escaping the changing room. He dashes to a secluded corner near the emergency exit and turns off the loud speaker. “Hey, I’m alone now.”

Nino laughs. “Your friends are funny.”

“They’re dumb.”

Nino laughs even harder.

“So, you’re coming?” Jun asks once they’re done with the laughing.

“Yes,” Nino says. “Only for a day but it should be enough to get our phones back to their rightful owners.”

“Oh, only a day?” Jun feels a little bit disappointed by that.

“Yeah,” Nino sounds like he’s smiling. “Could you... get me to the airport? It’s not like I’m asking for a return of favor or anything, but it seems like I’ll have to catch the flight too.”

Jun doesn’t see it coming, but every minute extra with Nino is something that he will not say no to at this point. “Of course,” he answers.

“So, see you tomorrow?” Nino says finally.

“See you tomorrow,” Jun replies and hangs the phone up. He leans on the wall and slides down while grinning, looking like a total love fool. Then, he gingerly types a message for Nino.

Nino: There’s a festival tomorrow.

Jun waits for the reply impatiently. After ten seconds, he types again.

Nino: I was planning to go with Toma and Sho.
Nino: If you have time, you should come too.

Jun can not really decide if he’s going to regret mentioning Toma and Sho or not, but his adrenaline rush makes him think that it’s better than going only with the two of them. He starts to rethink the entire idea of inviting Nino, but Nino’s reply beats him.

Matsumoto: sounds nice
Matsumoto: don’t tell them the truth yet
Matsumoto: i wanna have some fun [laughing emoji]
Matsumoto: see ya, my boyfriend [winking emoji]

Jun grins and goes to tell Toma and Sho that his boyfriend would really like to go to the festival with them.


Jun can not focus right on the set. His eyes keep glancing to the entrance, annoying the photographer to no end. It’s his last work for the day, and it’s also where Nino should meet him. Jun has offered to pick Nino up earlier, but it turns out that Nino will be free from work earlier than Jun, so Nino insisted that he should come to where Jun is instead.

When Nino finally appears, Jun sees him looking around and explaining himself to a staff. While talking, Nino’s eyes spot Jun and he smiles, wide and bright. He waves a bit and the staff shoots a look at Jun, confirming. Jun nods and the staff lets Nino in with an apologetic smile.

Nino leans his back on the wall, never letting Jun out of his sight. A small smile is etched on his face and Jun feels hyper aware of his look all the sudden. Jun tries extra hard this time, showing his best pose and his most flattering expression. It delights the photographer and they wrap the photo shoot up not so very long after.

“Thanks for your hard work!” Jun shouts while bowing to every direction. The staffs are replying the same and Jun talks obligatory little chat with the photographer before dashing his way to Nino.

Nino pushes his back away from the wall. His eyes are still on Jun, beaming with excitement. “You look good,” he compliments once Jun is close enough to him.

“Sorry to keep you waiting,” Jun apologizes. “Sho and Toma are in the changing room, I think. Let’s go there?”

Nino nods and follows Jun. They walk past a few staffs and Jun greets them while deliberately ignoring their questioning gazes upon seeing Nino in tow. It feels good, the entire attention that is directed to them—the unspoken questions and the speculations. It’s not that it’s uncommon for Jun to bring a friend to the set, but there’s definitely something in their gestures that makes people look at them longer with such a face.

Jun steals a glance over his shoulder and, judging by the look he has on his face, Nino is realizing what is happening and enjoying the attention too. Jun then takes a step further by stretching his hand towards Nino. He keeps his face forward while doing so, slightly bracing himself if Nino never takes the stretched hand. However, Nino does take his hand and they’re casually holding hands across the studio, gaining more attention than they are already getting.

When they enter the changing room, Jun tugs Nino closer to him by their holding hands. “Guys, Nino is here.”

There are Sho, Toma, Ohno, and Tackey in the room. All of them turn to look at Nino the moment Nino is inside. Tackey raises an eyebrow to Jun and Jun just shrugs at him. Meanwhile, Ohno and Nino look at each other and raise a finger to point at each other.

“Nino, right? From TVO?” Ohno stands up and approaches Nino.

Nino frees his hand from Jun’s and steps towards Ohno. “Oh-chan?”

Sho and Jun ask almost in unison, “Oh-chan?”

Nino hugs Ohno and pats his back a few times. Once he breaks the hug, he goes back to Jun and explains, “We used to work together.”

“God, he is Jun’s boyfriend,” suddenly Toma, who is lying on the couch on the corner of the room, shouts.

“What?” Sho turns to Toma, not catching from where does the statement come from.

“Look at how he explains who Ohno-san is to Jun! God, I bet Jun is a beast when he’s jealous,” Toma exaggerates by making dramatic gestures. “Tackey, you know about this?”

Tackey shrugs, “I’ve talked to him a couple of times.” He then walks to Nino and stretches his hand, “Takizawa Hideaki, the manager. It’s nice to finally meeting you.”

Nino shakes Tackey’s hand firmly. “Nice meeting you too.”

Sho stands next to Tackey, seeming like he’s queueing to get a proper introduction with Nino too. Nino notices this and quips, “I thought you’re the famous one, Sakurai-san. Why am I the one having handshake event here?”

Everyone laughs. Sho gets his handshake anyway and Toma waves from where he is. Jun excuses himself, heading to a small screened corner where he could change into his private clothes, but Nino stops him midway.

“My phone,” Nino grins with a stretched hand.

Jun laughs. Instead of just giving Nino the phone, Jun empties his pocket and puts the content on Nino’s hand. There are Nino’s phone, Jun’s wallet, and Jun’s car key. When Nino is about to protest, Jun says, “It’s easier to change without them in the pocket.”

Nino sighs and nods, going back to the sofas while Jun gets behind the curtain. Once he’s safe from others’ eyes, Jun grins, savoring the bubbly feeling that is coursing through his veins. He listens to the sound of Nino chatting with the others, blending in right away like he always could when he’s around new people. He listens how Nino is really not intending to let the rest know that they’re not actually dating—not yet, at least. Everything makes his grin even wider and he has to actively remind himself that he’s there to change, not to eavesdrop on everyone’s conversation.

When Jun is finally out again, Nino throws him a look.

“What?” Jun asks, feeling somewhat nervous under the intense gaze.

“You name my baby???” Nino asks back, effectively making everyone stop whatever they’re doing to see where this conversation is going.

Jun is only confused for a second. Then he laughs. He laughs so hard. Nino must be referring to a Snorlax he hatched for Nino a couple of days before. “It’s our baby. Since I hatched it, I’m practically the baby’s dad. And yes, I named him.”

“Hatch?” Toma voices out his confusion.

“Isn’t it... the mother who hatches the kids?” Ohno wonders, probably seriously thinking about it.

“You guys have a baby?” Sho gasps.

Tackey rolls his eyes, can not believe how these people are buying it so easily. “Okay, what’s this? Explain before Toma starts to Google if two guys can lay eggs.”

“Pokemon GO,” Nino explains the context and the rest goes ‘Oh’. He unlocks his phone and shows it to the others. “Look at the name. Can you all believe this guy?”

Sho, Toma, and Ohno swarm to take a look at the phone. “Kabe-don?”

Jun laughs and tries to explain, “It’s Kabigon. You see? Kabigon. Kabe-don.”

Toma and Sho send judging looks to Jun’s direction. They retreat a few steps, clearly losing interest on the matter. Ohno, meanwhile, giggles while staring at the Snorlax.

“It looks like a wall and if it falls it goes ‘don’, doesn’t it?” Jun tries again.

Ohno laughs out loud this time, but the rest just sigh, shaking their heads. Sho approaches Nino and places a hand on his back, as if he’s trying to give Nino emotional support.

“How could you stand him, Nino?” Toma wonders.

“Yeah, right? He’s lucky I’m in love with him,” Nino replies.

It comes out so lightly but it stops Jun’s heart nonetheless. Jun hurriedly reminds himself that it could be just Nino still playing pretend in front of Toma and the others, but the lingering gaze that Nino throws to him while saying that could mean something else too. Jun fidgets a bit, not knowing what to do with his hands and his feet and his overall expression. He must be smiling, he could feel the stretch on his face, but should he be smiling? Or should he not? What’s the proper reaction to this?

Luckily, Sho’s appetite is saving Jun. “Let’s go now. I’m hungry,” Sho stands up. He looks to his manager, “You’re coming, Satoshi kun?”

“Well, I wasn’t planning to, but—”

“Oh, come on,” Nino says, “The more the merrier, right?”

Jun then looks at his manager, “Tackey, if you—”

“I have somewhere else to be,” Tackey cuts with an apologetic smile. “Have fun,” he says and leaves the room.

“Let’s go, then?” Sho urges again. “One car? Two cars? Three? Three is too much, don’t you think?”

Jun says, “I’ll have to take Nino to the airport tonight, so—”

“Yeah, right. Airport,” Toma throws a meaningful smile. “Come on, Sho-san, let’s just take the car. Don’t ruin their plan for the night.”

“Plan? You have other plan, Jun? What— Oh!” Sho finally catches up on what Toma is thinking. He wiggles his eyebrows suggestively, “Oh, that kind of plan. Of course.”

Jun, of course, understands what they’re talking about and can not prevent himself from blushing.

Sho and Toma walk out of the room first and Ohno follows behind them, stopping once to pat Nino and give him a suggestive look.

Jun dashes to gather his belongings because it’s awkward to suddenly be left alone with Nino after such conversation. He takes his bag from the couch and his wallet from Nino. “My phone?” Jun asks and Nino gives him both phone instead.

“I don’t carry a bag and we’re going to a festival,” Nino explains when Jun shoots him a look.

Jun nods and puts them all inside the bag before going around the changing room once again, making sure that they don’t leave anything behind. He drags the chair to its rightful place and picks up some garbages, determined in leaving the changing room tidy. Nino laughs at this, probably finding that Jun has really, really never changed by witnessing this habit.

“Don’t laugh,” Jun says leisurely to Nino while picking up a candy wrapper that no one knows whose. That should be the last thing that keeps them from going already. Jun straightens his body and looks around once more. Once he’s satisfied, he turns to look at Nino.

“Ready now?” Nino asks with a smile with traces of laughter. His hand is stretched towards Jun, waiting to be held.

“Yeah,” Jun mumbles and takes Nino’s hand before following Nino out from the room. He should be telling Nino that they no longer have any audience to convince there, but he decides against it.

Nino’s hand is warm and nice, after all.


The festival is crowded, to say the least. Stalls are lining the road and people are swarming like a flood. Finding Sho, Ohno, and Toma in it is almost impossible, but they manage to do it anyway by following Sho’s Instagram updates. They meet up in front of the takoyaki stall and Sho makes a show by ordering every menu on the list.

“Isn’t this your fourth stop?” Nino asks, giggling at the way Sho’s cheeks become round by food.

“Fifth,” Sho corrects. He then offers the takoyaki to Nino, “Here, want some? They’re reaaaaally delicious.”

“No, thank you,” Nino shoves the takoyaki back to Sho.

“Oh, come on.” Sho turns to Jun, “Here, Jun. Try it. It’s super good, I swear!”

Ohno nods with his mouth full of takoyaki, gesturing that Sho is not lying about that.

Jun takes a takoyaki and turns to Nino with rounded eyes. The takoyaki is good. It has a strange flavor that resembles pudding or something but it’s good.

“See?” Sho says smugly. “Come on, give your boyfriend some.”

Jun is not particularly fond of that kind of affection in public, but the situation and the mood are kind of rooting him to do so, so he does. He takes a takoyaki from Sho and directs it to Nino’s mouth. Nino fakes a scream of rejection at first but he takes it inside his mouth anyway. He chews it, slowly and carefully, and a smile blooms on his face.

“Told you it’s good!” Sho grins.

Nino rolls his eyes and laughs. “Don’t be so confident. Everything that comes from Jun’s hand tastes good.”

Toma groans and makes a choking gesture which makes Nino laugh even louder. Seeing the chance, Jun reaches up to swipe his thumb on Nino’s corner of the mouth, cleaning a stain of sauce that he knows isn’t there. At this, Sho acts as if his eyes are burning and Toma holds his head in agony. Ohno just laughs, probably knowing that this is the exact reaction that Nino is after.

They then stroll around the festival, hopping from one food stall to another on Sho’s lead. Nino doesn’t seem to be very interested in the food and Jun makes sure Nino is eating enough by shoving his own food to Nino’s mouth. Sho and Toma are seeing this as a very lovey-dovey behavior, and Jun doesn’t mind being thought of like that.

While going through the crowd, Jun always has Nino’s hand in his. Having an excuse to pretend as boyfriends, Jun doesn’t waste the opportunity and tries to push it further one step at a time. Groggy arm around the waist, lingering touches, sweet words; all are welcomed warmly by Nino. Not only that, Nino is also actively stepping up the game. He likes to have his hand up on Jun’s cheek, pinching it lightly every once in awhile as if he couldn’t stand how cute Jun is to him. He also likes to call Jun affectionately, varying from Jun-pon to babe.

Everything goes so smoothly. By now, of course no one is suspecting that they’re not actually together. It almost feels natural—as if they are a couple of boyfriends having a date with some friends in tow. However, Jun knows full well that they are not. He is aware that by the end of the night, he will have to take Nino to the airport and say goodbye to him. There’s no guarantee that Nino will keep contacting him again after this night. There’s simply no reason for Nino to do that anymore. They are like this right now is only because Jun is stupid enough to take Nino’s phone. Now that their phones are back, there’s a high chance that they will be back to their lives before they meet in the cafe a few days back—apart and disconnected.

Jun knows he could do something about this. He knows what he’s feeling. This is not much different with what he’s feeling towards Nino back in his college days. Even though it’s only a few days since their small reunion, it doesn’t feel hasty to conclude that he is, indeed, in love again with Nino. Jun sure knows what he’s supposed to do given this fact. But, somehow, Jun doesn’t feel like he should. He feels like he doesn’t have any right to ask Nino to get back in his life. It feels like it would be asking too much, remembering how their previous relationship ends up like.

In the end, Jun decides to not think about it and just savor the moment. He decides that he will just follow Nino’s lead this time. If what Nino wants right now is to pretend as boyfriends and have fun beating up Sho, Toma, and Ohno on the festival games, then be it.

However, as the time passes by and as they drink more and more alcohol, it’s proven hard to keep his desire in check. Jun starts to notice the very detail of Nino’s face, Nino’s expression, and Nino’s body. His head starts to question on why can’t he have Nino when the person is right in front of him, holding his hand and calling him sweet names.

“What’s next?” Nino asks cheerfully, snapping Jun out of his inner battle. Nino is holding a bear that Jun wins from the shooting range. He insists that he will give it to Aiba’s daughter, but everyone is saying that it’s okay if he wants to keep it.

“Goldfish?” Ohno suggests.

Toma scoffs, “Aren’t we too old for that?”

Jun laughs. He already knows what Nino will say.

“Oh, are we, Toma?” Nino starts, already giving his wicked smile. “Or are you just... what do you call a man who’s afraid of losing, honey?”

“A coward,” Jun answers readily, restraining a laugh.

Hearing the word, both Toma and Sho get provoked. Ohno, who seems to enjoy this as much as Nino and Jun do, steps forward and offers a deal. “How about this,” he starts with his signature smile, “we have a round of two versus two match. Whichever team gets the most goldfishes gets to order the losing team around and also gets this.” Ohno shows his puffing taiyaki. It’s the last taiyaki in the whole stalls, and they have given it to Ohno because he’s the only one who doesn’t take sides.

To be honest, both Jun and Nino don’t care about the taiyaki—not as much as Sho does, at least—but their mission of the night is to beat Sho and Toma in everything, so they agree in no time, especially with the opportunity to boss Sho and Toma around for the rest of the night. Sho should have no room for more food in his stomach, but he nods excitedly anyway because alcohol keeps him hungry. And Toma, being the young, passionate man that he is, just can not turn down a challenge when he sees one.

They pay up for their scoops and start to squat around the little box filled with pretty goldfishes. Even though they are tipsy already, they are trying their best to keep their hands steady to prevent the scoops from breaking. Jun squats on Nino’s right, so close that their bodies are touching from their shoulders down to their hips. Since Nino is left handed, it makes it even easier for Jun to lean even closer to Nino’s right side. Nino worms his hand on Jun’s side, intertwining their arms and pulling Jun impossibly closer to him.

At this distance, Jun could see all the little details of Nino’s being. Nino’s hands are cute, Jun notices first. The way his fingers hook around the handle of the scoop is something that Jun never thought he would find attractive. They are stubby and look soft, but Nino’s hand in its entirety is decorated with the rough edges of a man’s that make Jun want to hold it at the same time as he wants to be held with it.

Jun is hypnotized by the way Nino moves. There’s something odd about how Nino bends his arms and flings his hands. Jun couldn’t point out what it is exactly, but there’s something different in Nino’s movements that is unnoticeable at first but alluring nonetheless. The little jumps when he’s surprised, the hunched form as he focuses on what is in front of him, the way he hides his laughter in the inside of his elbow—everything looks so beautiful in Jun’s eyes that he hopes he doesn’t need to blink so he wouldn’t miss any.

Then, there’s Nino’s face. Nino is full of expressions like always and Jun is grateful for that. He likes to see how the face contorts when Nino laughs his heart out. He loves catching the little curl on the edge of Nino’s smile when he’s thinking about something mischievous. He couldn’t take his eyes off of Nino’s eyes, which are currently gleaming with mirth, reflecting the light from the lantern above them like a pair of caramel-colored orbs. Jun remembers how he used to stare at those eyes for what it felt like forever. He remembers how those eyes were his favorite, and he realizes that they still are.

As Jun watches Nino’s eyes, he can’t help noticing that the end of Nino’s fringe almost covers his eyes. It looks like it would definitely feel soft and fluffy to the touch, the bunch of black hair. Jun feels tingles on the palm of his hand, like he wants to raise his hand to touch Nino’s face, brushing the fringe from Nino’s eyes and tucking it behind Nino’s ear. And while he thinks of having his hand there, he imagines tracing his fingers on Nino’s smooth skin, down to Nino’s mole just right under Nino’s lips; the small black dot that stands out nicely on Nino’s chin.

Jun wonders if it still tastes the same as it was years ago.

“Jun, watch— Ahhh~!” Nino shouts, waking Jun up from his trance.

Jun looks down to his scoop that is being pointed by Nino. It is broken already, having a hole that is way too big to catch any goldfish. Toma and Sho look at it too and start laughing, already blabbering at how they’re going to win.

Nino glares at them and starts catching the goldfishes again. He focuses so hard; his tongue is poking out from his lips. Jun tries to not look at it, but he fails, finding himself looking intently at the small tongue peeking from between the thin upper lip and plump lower lip. Nino notices that Jun is gazing at him, finally, and when he throws a look at Jun, questioning Jun with his eyes, a goldfish swims past his scoop and breaks it right in the middle.

“Yeaaaaaaaaahhh!” Toma cheers loudly.

“Now we only need to catch one, woohoo!” Sho joins.

Nino groans, can not believe that he’s losing and he can not do anything about it, and stares at Jun helplessly. Then, his gaze shifts to the scoops that Toma and Sho are holding and he looks at Jun again, his eyes showing mischief.

“Should we?” Nino whispers right into Jun’s ears, so close that Jun could feel Nino’s breath brushing his skin.

Jun doesn’t get it at first, but Nino looks at Sho’s and Toma’s scoops again while waving the broken scoop that he has. Jun grins when he finally gets it and nods. Then, Nino countdowns inaudibly.

“3... 2... 1... Go!”

Both Nino and Jun jab their broken scoops to Toma’s and Sho’s ones. With a little force, they leave holes in the scoops, preventing Toma and Sho from winning against them.

Sho’s eyes widen comically, “What the—”

Toma, who gets water splashed to his shirt when the jabbing happens, jumps up to a standing position and makes a scandalized face. He makes a dramatic shift of gaze from his shirt to Jun and Nino and starts to shout something that might or might not be profanities.

Sensing danger, Nino takes Jun’s hand and pulls him to run away from the angry Toma and Sho.

“Wait, you little cheater!” Sho yells from behind them.

Jun laughs out loud once he realizes what situation he is in. They’re running into the crowd, fueled by euphoria and adrenaline. Toma and Sho are tailing behind them, shouting and yelling. Nino keeps looking over his shoulder, grinning wide as he sees that they’re getting farther and farther from their chaser. They swiftly dodging bypassers and taking turns until they reach the deserted part of the area that is not filled with stalls. Getting tired of running, they hide inside a payphone stall, waiting for Sho and Toma to run past them.

The payphone stall is not exactly spacious. The walls are made of glass, but it’s covered by some posters of the festival so they still could hide in it. However, since the stall isn’t made to accommodate more than one person, Jun has to stand very closely to Nino in order to close the door. And since Nino has turned himself to face the door right after he gets in, now they end up being pressed to each other face to face.

They’re so close that they are almost hugging inside the payphone stall, with Jun’s hands trapping Nino’s head. Jun could feel every breath that Nino exhales landing on his cheek. He could smell Nino’s shampoo. He could feel the rise and the fall of Nino’s chest because it’s pressed against his own. He could almost swear that he feels Nino’s heartbeats as well.

Being in this situation, Jun starts to forget that they are being chased. He starts to forget the festival. He forgets Sho and Toma. He forgets Ohno. He forgets the world. All he knows is that Nino is right there, in front of him. Flawless, so close, and breathing against him. He could not register whether Sho and Toma have already run past them or not, but he could register how many times Nino has blinked since they got into the small space. He registers how warm Nino’s body is and how close Nino’s face is to his. He also realizes that Nino’s lips are a bit chapped. And close. So, so close. Extremely close that if he ducks down a bit, they would be kissing.

So Jun does.

The first contact is soft and nostalgic, with Nino’s soft gasp accompanying it. The second contact is more of a question—an inquiry of permission. The third is initiated by Nino and it becomes fierce in a heartbeat. Nino swings his arms around Jun’s neck and pulls Jun closer, as if he has waited for this for too long and he has run out of patience.

When they break the kiss apart, they are panting and out of breath, but it’s no longer because of all the running that they just did.

“I have postponed my flight to tomorrow morning,” Nino says in between his breaths. “I saw a hotel—”

“My place is just fifteen minutes driving from here,” Jun cuts, clearly showing that he’s against taking Nino to some random love hotels when he can bring him home instead. “You okay with that?”

Nino nods and connects their lips once again.


Jun finds himself pinned against the door by Nino right after they enter Jun’s apartment. Nino attacks him fiercely, nipping and biting and sucking on his lips while gripping Jun’s wrists in his hands. Jun answers with the same level of eagerness. He angles his head so he could coax Nino’s lips open and intrudes Nino’s mouth with his tongue, battling his way in because Nino is competitive like that.

Nino tugs Jun’s shirt up and discards it completely when Jun gives way by parting their kiss. Nino’s eyes are bleary, looking right into Jun’s eyes with want and desire reflected in it. Jun kisses him again, deep and messy, and pushes Nino forward, further into the apartment. Nino loses his jacket and also his shirt on the way, and Jun starts unbuckling his belt without seeing.

Nino’s back of the knees hit the edge of Jun’s bed and Jun pushes him until he falls on his back. Jun gets rid of his jeans and Nino does the same too while scooting further to the bed. Nino is faster by a few seconds and he tugs Jun down with him by pulling on Jun’s arm, making Jun lose his balance and fall on top of him. Nino giggles at this, not minding the weight and the impact at all, and starts kissing Jun again.

Jun smiles to the kiss, enjoying that Nino is as eager and as playful as he remembers he was. He then moves his kisses down to Nino’s jaw and neck, delighted by the grunts and groans that he gets from that. Nino’s fingers are intertwining with Jun’s locks of hair now, tugging it lightly every time Jun does the right thing. Jun laps on the dip of Nino’s clavicle and leaves a bruising mark there, earning a laugh and a slap across his head from Nino.

“Jun—” Nino warns when Jun keeps moving down, breathing hot air to Nino’s nipple. His laughter disappears in an instant, replaced by a short gasp.

Jun smirks to that, knowing that Nino’s nipples are sensitive even though Nino would never admit it. He continues by licking Nino’s nipple once and blowing air on it right after that. Nino writhes and starts to scramble for purchase, clawing on the sheet and on Jun’s shoulder, especially when Jun proceeds to suck on the nipple and bite it a few times while pinching the other nipple with his fingers. Nino lets out a moan when Jun rolls his hips, creating a friction down where they want it the most, and it spurs Jun to move with more determination and precision.

After a few minutes of this, Jun is suddenly being pulled by a great force and they roll on the bed, resulting in a change of position. Now that he’s not busy teasing Nino, Jun could see Nino’s face again and he marvels at how clouded with lust Nino’s eyes have become. Nino looks down at him like a predator looking at his prey. His chest is heaving up and down visibly and his skin is red from arousal.

Nino lunges down and attacks Jun’s jaws. He has both of Jun’s arms pinned above Jun’s head and the sheer force that he uses to keep them there turns Jun on even more. With his tongue, Nino traces Jun’s sharp jaw diligently. Unlike Jun, he goes upward instead. He stops once he reaches Jun’s ear and puts extra attention there.

Jun whips his head to get away from Nino’s tongue, but his restrained arms make it harder for him to do so. He writhes and moans, feeling shivers down to his spines. His ears are his weakness and Nino seems to be happy about it, because Jun could feel Nino’s smile on his ear, wide and smug. Nino gives him no reprieve, keeping on licking and biting Jun’s earlobe sensually.

Knowing that he’s pretty much under Nino’s mercy like this, Jun decides to give up on trying to escape and join the game instead. He starts rolling his hips again, which is immediately appreciated with Nino’s low grunt right into his ear. He circles his legs around Nino’s waist, pulling Nino’s lower body down with him and extracting a long moan from Nino’s mouth as their sexes are being rubbed against each other. Jun thrusts his hips upwards once, and then twice, and Nino’s grips are loosening on the third, giving Jun the chance to grip on Nino and turn their position once again.

They’re on the very edge of the bed now, thanks to all the rolling that they did. They both are flushing and panting, staring at each other like they’re trying very hard to not lose it and pounce on each other raw. Jun sits up on his knees and bends over to get the lube and the condom from the bedside drawer. He tosses the lube on the bed and holds up the condom, throwing a question without really voicing it out.

“You,” Nino answers, clearly understands what Jun is asking.

Jun grins and tears the foil packet with his teeth. While he’s rolling the condom on, Nino uncaps the lube and pours a dollop to his hand. Nino starts to stroke himself with his own lubed hands, slowly and sensually, definitely putting up a show for Jun to see. Jun, who doesn’t waste any more time and gets the lube on his hand also, watches Nino intently like a good audience that he is. His eyes follow the up and down motion while his hands warm the lube in autopilot.

Nino laughs, yanking Jun out of his trance. “Come here,” he says hoarsely and takes one of Jun’s hand by the wrist. With his other hand, Nino pulls Jun down by the nape of the neck for another deep kiss. He navigates Jun’s hand down, down, and down until Jun could feel the ring of muscle with the tip of his fingers.

Jun gets the hint and starts to make a circling movement with his fingers, pushing slightly to loosen the tight entrance. Nino pushes Jun’s finger in with a push from his wrist and he moans right into Jun’s mouth. Jun relaxes his hand and keeps his finger rigid. He lets Nino do whatever he wants with Jun’s hand, which are easing it in and out a few times and making a circular motion before adding another one of Jun’s finger in. Jun scissors his way deeper into Nino and Nino bites Jun’s lip as a retaliation, groaning delightfully at the intrusion.

The next moment, Jun’s fingers are extracted from inside Nino and they are rolling again, to the opposite direction this time. Nino braces himself on Jun’s shoulders and descends down slowly, guiding Jun inside him with one hand. Jun closes his eyes because the feeling is overwhelming him. When he opens his eyes again, Nino’s face is still contorted from the penetration but he’s already moving his hips slowly in experimental sways.

Jun grips on Nino’s hips, steadying him and helping him making a nice rhythm that they both can enjoy. He thrusts up every once in awhile, making Nino gasp and groan at how deep he gets. Jun shifts his hips until he finds the perfect angle which makes Nino’s eyes roll and nails dig deeper into Jun’s shoulders.

Nino leans further and further as he picks up the pace. His movements turn into shallow jerks that resemble a wave of spasms. He starts to lose the rhythm and his arms are shaking. Nino is close, Jun could tell very well. He is losing his focus and going to tip over soon enough, but Jun doesn’t want that yet.

“Come on, Nino,” Jun grips Nino’s arm. He thrusts hard upward and Nino loses his hold completely, falling forward on top of Jun. Nino buries his face on the crook of Jun’s neck and squeezes Jun’s name out of his throat in sync with his up and down movements.

Jun groans because hearing Nino calling out his name like that arouses him more. He grips Nino’s body and turns them both over so he’s on top of Nino once again. Nino hooks his legs around Jun’s waist and plants his nails on Jun’s shoulders, pulling Jun down to a feverish kiss. Jun reciprocates the kiss and starts driving himself into Nino at a slower pace but with greater force. He goes deep, making Nino break the kiss and growl at the impact. The creakings of the bed beneath them, their combined grunts, and the voices of skin against skin make a harmony that Jun could listen forever.

Nino reaches down to pump on himself, feeling that the friction he gets is not enough. Jun reaches down too, wrapping his hand around Nino’s to increase the pressure. He guides Nino’s hand that is failing to make a steady rhythm, determining in bringing Nino to his orgasm.

Not so long after, Nino keens and spasms under Jun’s body, spurting his release in between his and Jun’s bodies. His whole body goes taut. His back arches and his neck stretches prettily. His breath stops. His moan drags out beautifully. Nino’s insides clench and the combination of everything brings Jun to his own orgasm.

Jun falls on top of Nino after he’s coming down from the bliss. They both just lie there, trying to chase their breaths. Jun, who is still oversensitized, flinches when Nino moves in order to get more comfortable. They end up hugging with Nino still underneath Jun, and it’s only after a long while that Jun starts to get bothered by the stickiness.

Jun plans to go take a shower and clean Nino afterward. He moves to untangle himself from Nino, but Nino stops him with a soft grip.

“Stay,” Nino says, not even bothering to open his eyes.

“You don’t want to clean up?” Jun giggles, amused by what Nino is doing.

Nino moves a bit so his face is nestled on Jun’s shoulder. He hugs Jun tighter, restraining Jun from moving away. Then, he says, “I don’t want you to get up.”

Jun smiles. He knows it’s silly, but he feels warm all over. Surrendering, he whispers through his own grin and right to Nino’s ears, “Okay.”

Follow the link for part 3
Tags: p: matsumoto jun/ninomiya kazunari, r: nc-17, year: 2016
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