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Gift fic for akhikaru 5/5

A piece of rainbow for akhikaru Part 5

When the captain and his first mate leaves, Sho cannot believe his eyes, cannot believe they are leaving their ship and its crew to three possibly still hostile government scum, as Matsumoto so accurately called them.
Matsumoto cannot possibly think he can trust them, can he?
Sho is incredulous, utterly mortified. It does not even occur to him to try and flee first thing, because this decision is just too damn outrageous?
Sho knows he never would have trusted Matsumoto like this, had their roles been reversed. It is just too much of a gamble.
Is Matsumoto crazy?
The man does not look crazy as he smiles shortly at Sho, nodding his head after giving Sho the order. If anything, his eyes still seem a little sad as they dwell on Sho for a moment longer than they did on Nino and Aiba.
“I am choosing to trust you, Sho-san,” he says, and what is up with that intimate way of addressing Sho? The officer does not know how to react to that, “I told you, I am not forcing you into anything, but I am giving you a choice. This is the optimal way for you to give me an answer.”
Letting his eyes quickly slide over Matsumoto’s neatly styled brown hair, his white skin, his gorgeous coat and tight pants, Sho decides to at least carve this sight into his memory for now. Just in case something happens which will leave him unable to see Matsumoto again.
There is that tingle in Sho’s hand again, the urge to run his fingers over the dark beauty marks around Matsumoto’s mouth, to mirror what Matsumoto did to Sho a couple of weeks ago, when his eyes catch Matsumoto’s lingering stare, those curious, expressive eyes. Sho considers whether it is too late now. Since the two of them have not spoken or shared a similar moment for 16 days. And then there was that scene in Matsumoto’s quarters.
The captain nods again and the moment is broken. He tries to smile encouragingly, but Sho easily sees his anxiety beneath the pretence.
Is Matsumoto afraid that Sho is going to leave and do something stupid?
Would the possibility of such an outcome normally leave someone looking this fearful?
Once more, Sho witnesses a glimpse of purity in Matsumoto, something one would not expect to find in a pirate captain, a certain childish innocence; hoping for a certain outcome.
Though that wish is also part of a childish fantasy.
Sho clenches his jaw, watching the two pirates walk down the gangway, Matsumoto with those loose, swaying hips of his. And he makes up his mind.


Upon visiting a few shops and trading ships along the docks, Jun finally sets up a deal with a couple of merchants to come take a look at all the things in Remarkable’s hold come morning. That will leave Jun with plenty of time to himself tonight and for some of the crew to rearrange and make sure only the things they are interested in selling are on display below. Which is most of it.
Only a few things have been moved away to be used on Remarkable, such as Sho’s cannons, his artillery, the gunpowder and the bullets as well as thread and needles; useful items for smaller repairs on a ship.
A few of the gems, Jun has taken away for himself too; he found a couple of silver rings which caught his fancy, as well as a few simple, yet valuable piercings. Maybe these will find their use at some point. Jun has considered handing the platinum stud to Shota. For his birthday maybe.
Jun has never been interested in having piercings himself, so they will be saved for those who want them. It is a pirate thing afterall.
Darkness has settled over Singapore during the few hours Jun spent searching for buyers. As he did stop a few times along the way for a brief talk and a drink with some acquaintances, it took him longer than it normally would have. But Jun did expect to take this long. For a pirate, it is important to socialize and freshen up relationships when one can.
These relationships can easily end up determining the outcome of feuds, wars, life and death situations, and thus, Jun knows how important they are.
Moreover, Jun has always been good at being liked, something which has inevitably brought him this far.
At this time of the evening, Singapore is bustling with life. All around Jun, there are noises of people shouting, people laughing and burping, sharing food and rum with one another as well as stories and tales. Most of the small stalls are recognizable for Jun; the wine-seller, the jewelry merchant, the various bars, some where people come to drink, some where they can easily share their opium, some where they play games for their hard-earned money, or money they do not have.
But Jun does not frequent these places, and has no plans of doing so today either. He is heading straight for the brothel, looking forward to see Kou-chan – the owner – as well as Kiko again.
The latter was someone Jun instantly took a liking to when she had just started working at the place, still a virgin and pure as snow. Seeing her nervous, flittering eyes, her red, pouty lips formed in a small O as she breathed heavily, Jun knew he had to have her before anyone else did.
He was her first and ever since then, he has never had to pay for her, the two of them more than just having a buyer-seller relationship. Jun might even go as far as to call her an old friend.
Though, today Jun cannot feel the usual thrill when he steps through the doors of ‘The Pearl’. Telling himself the fluttering in his stomach will appear as soon as he sees Kiko, he pushes the concerning insecurity away and makes his way towards the counter, straightening his back just a little more than usual, making a scene out of walking confidently towards Shibasaki Kou’s slim back which is facing him. And as soon as she turns around, he puts on his most stunning smile,
“Matsumoto-kun!” she beams and instantly stands on her tiptoes to kiss his cheek, “It has been too long since I last saw you. They tell me you bring quite the haul this time!”
Her eyes sparkle at the prospect of great gossip, and Jun almost gives in. But he has cravings he needs to satisfy first, and thus he shakes his head before shifting his eyes to look around the place.
The room has a dim, calming glow of orange, the only source of light here being a hundred candles placed along the walls and on the wooden tables. Thick, wooden pillars are supporting the roof and the second floor balcony, of where the whores are standing either on display or to watch the scenarios taking place below.
Whores are very curious, Jun has come to learn, but maybe that is just a women’s thing.
The place offers a few beverages too, though most of them are cheap and sour, and only serving the poorest or most desperate of customers. Nevertheless, they are sometimes used to attract customers who then end up paying for a quick blow or a kiss.
Jun has never been that desperate. He would usually come her for the company, for Kiko or for Kou, sometimes staying just to chat.
“Perhaps another time, Kou-chan,” he smiles, “Have you seen…?”
“Kiko-chan?” the woman smiles knowingly and cradles Jun’s cheek briefly with affection, “As soon as she heard you were coming, she refused to take any other customers. She should be around here somewhere.”
Jun thanks her and gives her hand a squeeze before moving further into the softly lit building. As his eyes wander around the tables where a few other pirates are sitting, women in their laps or by their sides, there is a drop in his stomach, a feeling of unease he cannot quite place. For a brief moment, before he can stop himself, it is almost as if he feels bad about being here, as if it is wrong.
But why should it be, he asks himself and shakes away the momentary thought. He is not paying to be here, he is visiting a friend, satisfying a perfectly normal craving, just like the other merchants who come to Singapore to earn and spend money. If anything, Jun feels quite a bit more dignified than most of the men here.
Kiko has told him some outrageous stories of some of the customers too, funny and unbelievable stories which have left the two of them giggling quietly in the night.
It is that sort of comfort Jun seeks as well. Or at least that is what he tells himself when he finally spots Kiko’s small figure, the ivory black hair and her full lips.
Jun remains standing in the middle of the room, coming to lean on a pillar with his arms crossed until she finally sees him, and he takes pleasure in the way her face lights up, grinning when she jumps forward in excitement,
“Jun-kun!” she shrills in her light voice and soon she comes flying into his arms, her frame perhaps even lighter than last time Jun held her.
“You have become so skinny, are they feeding you enough?” he asks as he leans back to study her pretty face, cradling it in his hands.
But she just laughs and tosses her hair haughtily, “I exercise a lot,” she boasts, and then she leans forward to kiss him, boldly and without hesitation.
And Jun feels his heart sinking, again bringing along that horribly guilty sensation he cannot understand, once more trying to push it away when he mirrors Kiko’s smile.
“I missed you,” she says, but Jun feels fake when he agrees,
“I missed you too, Kiko-chan.”
He did miss her, he is not lying. But there is clearly something wrong with him, the usual fire he feels upon studying her lithe body, her energetic face is not there. Oddly enough, because she is stunning tonight in her red, silk dress, wearing silver earrings sparkling along with her big, brown eyes.
“So, did you come here to tell me about your newest adventures?” she asks as she wraps her arms around his neck, clearly not sensing his inner distress, “Someone is saying that you brought a navy officer along with you to Singapore. Is that really true?”
There is no way he can disguise the way his stomach drops then, no longer able to smile at all at Kiko’s words, and suddenly he feels afraid, the terror growing as the girl continues,
“I was quite concerned when I heard it, because it is so dangerous to bring someone like that here. I told those people that you must be bringing him along in the hull, all chained up in a cell. Aren’t I right?”
“I am sorry, Kiko-chan.”
Suddenly, every second away from his ship feels dangerous, wrong.
Kiko finally discovers that Jun is no longer smiling, her face turning concerned, and her confusion only grows when he gingerly removes her hands from his neck. As compensation, he laces their fingers together between them, but the gesture is far from as intimate as the two of them should be by now.
“I cannot tell you much,” Jun says, and Kiko raises an eyebrow, “But I wanted to come and see you, it has been too long.”
Kiko does not buy it, Jun can clearly see it in the way her mouth sets into an unsatisfied, thin line. And Jun does not blame her, because he cannot remember ever denying her before.
“Came to see me? Is that it? What is wrong? You don’t want anything?” she places her palm against his cheek, and she is warm, but it is not what Jun wants, “Don’t you want me?”
He cannot answer that. He does not want to hurt her.
But she just asked the essential question, the question Jun refused to ask himself, that one nagging feeling in the back of his head.
There is something he wants, desperately needs. But for once, she cannot give it to him.
“I…” he struggles to find the right words, “I am afraid I do not have the time tonight, Kiko-chan. But I will come back, there is just so many things I need to fix on the ship before dawn.”
Lying through his teeth, Jun feels terrible at saying these things to a close friend. There is no way he can tell her the truth he only just discovered himself, it would only put him in danger. And as a matter of fact, there are actually things he needs to fix. Things which need clarification, things to put in order.
Kiko unlaces their fingers, her face twisting in a mixture of disbelief and hurt, “Right.” Her voice is cold, “I understand. I am glad you came to see me, since you know… You have been gone for half a year.”
There have been moments where Jun wondered about Kiko’s feelings for him, whether they are only of affection and attraction. And in a situation such as this, when he witnesses how angry and obviously sad she is, he speculates whether it would be for the better to cut the ties.
He does not want to cause her unnecessary pain.
“I am sorry.”
But she refuses him, crosses her arms and takes a step back, “Forget it. I do not know what your deal is, Matsumoto, coming here just to ‘come and see me’. You do know time is money for me, right? Do you know how many customers I could have taken while I waited for you?”
Not knowing what to say to that, Jun just sighs and furrows his brows. He has no obligations to her. She is the one choosing to refuse money, because she heard he was around.
No promises have been made between them, they are not married, Kiko is a whore and Jun…
“I am a pirate, Kiko-chan. You are not bound to me. And I am not bound to you.”
“No, that is certainly clear to me!” she has raised her voice, attracting Kou’s attention now, but Jun does not let himself get swayed, even when she continues, “Go and fix whatever needs fixing on your ship. And do not come back unless you bring money for the services.”
At that she turns on her heel, appearing to Jun like little more than an offended teenager. Which only just clarifies the lack of attraction he felt for her just now.
Yes. There are certainly things he needs to get in order.

Twenty minutes later, Jun stomps his way onto his ship again, a ball of annoyance and built-up frustrations he is not sure what to do with, so full of tension that he even forgets to recognise that his ship is still here, intact, calm and seemingly with the same amount of passengers as when he left her.
He bulls across the deck, boots thumping on the planks, apparently so loudly that some of the cabin boys jump out of his way and moves behind the masts and barrels, watching him with wide eyes until he opens the door to the stern area, the officers’ quarters, aiming straight for his own cabin.
Hoping to find a dark corner in his room, Jun wonders how much time it would take him to finish, thinking maybe he will calm down after a quick jerk-off.
Shota raises his eyebrows at him when he passes by, but otherwise leaves Jun be when he not as much as acknowledges his first mate’s presence. There have been moments before, when Shota has witnessed this side of Jun, often in connection with navigating plans which have not gone perfectly according to Jun’s head, and thus the man makes no move to try and stop Jun in his tracks.
Usually, Jun can exercise his frustrations out, perhaps shoot a seagull or something, but today, he doubts that sort of thing would work.
As soon as he makes it to his cabin, he slams the door behind him and starts pacing.
The faint lights from the city cast weird, dancing shadows across the room, made by Jun’s piles of papers, his books and his various weapons in the corner. The room seems a shade between dark grey and brown, and Jun’s eyes need a few minutes to adjust to the lack of visibility.
Jun does not mind the lack of light as he quickly goes over various scenarios of what would happen, should someone from his crew barge in and find him with his pants around his ankles, fingers around himself.
No, that would certainly make that person lose a lot of respect for their captain.
Then, Jun starts wondering how long it would take him to prepare himself a bath, which would make it a lot easier for him to take care of himself. It does not take him long to realise that he would probably have to get one of the fireplaces going first.
Jun ends up walking back and forth for so long that someone eventually knocks on his door; two rapid knocks, rather forcefully against the doorframe.
Jun stops.
It better be freaking important, Jun thinks, before the door opens, not a second after his rather harsh permission to enter is given.
Despite the darkness of his room, Jun instantly recognises the figure in the door, easily makes out those sloping shoulders underneath a blue, golden-buttoned jacket, shadows marking a strong jaw and a set of full, pouty lips, lips much more alluring than Kiko’s.
The man blinks a few times in the darkness, clearing his throat, “Why don’t you turn on some light?”
While he reaches to light one of the candles near the door, Jun balls up his fists, takes a step back, preparing himself for the way he knows the flame is going to illuminate Sho’s face, make him even more irresistible than Jun already finds him. The pirate does not want to end up jumping the man as soon as light falls upon him.
Sho uses a tinderbox to light the candle, eyes moving from the white wax towards Jun as soon as he is done.
Jun does not know what to say, what do to. When it is staring him right in the face like this, that is when he realises exactly why he would not fuck Kiko, why he did not find her attractive at all. It is impossible, when this other being is standing so strongly in front of him, his face displaying pride and slight dissatisfaction for some reason Jun has yet to learn of.
“Your ship is still here,” Sho states the obvious and crosses his arms over his chest.
Jun leans back towards his desk, seeking balance and support from the heavy wood, “I noticed.”
“But you did not even stop to consider why.”
Suddenly, Jun smirks. So that is why Sho is here.
“Oh? Sakurai Sho wants acknowledgement, it seems,” It is Jun’s growing need which is talking now, lacing his voice with smoothness and a slightly mocking edge, “You want praise, because you stayed? Because you did not steal my ship in the dead of the night, while I was away?”
There is no denying the flicker of annoyance in Sho’s eyes, black as they are in the yellow candlelight, but he does not wave Jun off, does not grow offended. If anything, he just seems to be waiting for the next annoying jest Jun can think of. He tilts his chin slightly upwards, pridefully,
“Did you enjoy your visit at the whorehouse, Matsumoto?” he asks then, spite lacing his words and Jun tilts his head.
How come Jun detects such venom in Sho’s words?
“And if I did?”
When Sho clenches his jaw, the shadows across his cheeks distort and move.
“Would you be jealous, huh, Sho-san?” Jun continues, fingers now digging into the wood at his sides. But he can only stop his body from moving, not the words he wants to say, now that he is witnessing those conflicting emotions on Sho’s face.
“I am not jealous.”
“No? Are you sure? I can probably set you up with a nice girl there, since you behaved so well tonight.”
Jun is walking on the edge of a knife, he can feel it, dancing around a fire he should not touch, not get too close to unless he wants to burn.
There is a cracking in the air, a silent electric current running between them, pulling at each of them, and eventually, Sho is the first one to lose his footing, strength diminished by that something which has turned more and more unpreventable, and it makes him take a step forward, and another, eyes darkening as he moves out of the light.
Jun realises his breath is becoming shorter, now that his suspicion at the other man is growing, his own attraction crawling across his skin and taking hold of every fibre of his body, gradually growing so much that it will only be a matter of time before he cannot control it anymore.
“I am not jealous.”
“I don’t believe you, Sho-san.”
“So did you fuck her? That ‘friend’ you have?”
He cannot help the wide grin when he hears the strain in Sho’s voice, sees how rigid his biceps are, taut in the tight jacket.
The man should know better than to dress in his navy clothes in a place such as this, on a pirate island, but somehow, Jun knows it is done as one last provoking gesture towards the pirate captain. One last way of showing that he is not afraid of Jun and the consequences such an outrageous action could have, that he does not give a fuck about being a pirate.
But oh, he does, doesn’t he, Jun perceives.
Sho stayed here, Sho kept an eye on the crew, he followed Jun’s orders. Though, he also came here, to demand some recognition, some answers.
Answers, a subordinate is not entitled to ask for.
Jun narrows his eyes when Sho does not stop moving towards him, not until there is less than a foot of space between them, and Sho stands firmly in front of Jun, looking down at him.
Then, Jun tilts his head upwards, consciously licks his lips,
“No,” he says, voice low, the taunting gone, “I did not.”
Sho moves fast through the darkness, takes that last step towards Jun and grabs his collar harshly, yanking Jun towards him, so close that their noses almost touch.
And for just a second, Jun is afraid he misinterpreted everything, that he misunderstood Sho completely.
But then there is Sho’s warm breath on his face, his breathing shallow and his pupils blown. His voice is a whisper this time.
“Why didn’t you kill me?”
When Jun does not answer, just tilts his head slightly, to align their lips and give Sho a perfect angle, a perfect opportunity to close that damn gap between them and just let Jun have a taste of those tempting lips, Sho repeats his question, this time with more vigour, more heat,
“Why, Jun? Why have you let me live, only to bring me here, to Singapore, to give me free reins alone on your ship?”
There is fire in Jun’s body, his blood rushing down between his legs furiously at this close proximity between them. He does not want a whore, he does not want Kiko, he wants this. Can Sho not see?
Sho does not seem to be brave enough to make that last move, he wants an answer before anything, and Jun thinks this is so Sho, and really, Jun would not have it any other way.
And so, Jun swiftly swats Sho’s hands away, only to use the table at his back to set off from, his own hands flying up as they mirror Sho’s previous hold on Jun’s coat, and he pushes Sho against the nearest wall, knocking the air from his lungs. Jun is less shy about it, he is too sure of himself and what he wants now, so he breathes hotly against Sho’s cheek, mouth so close that his lips touch the shell of Sho’s ear and makes him shiver visibly when Jun speaks next,
“If I killed you, I would not have you here with me right now,” he husks out, voice gravelly from lust, “If I fucked Kiko-chan, I would not have you barging in like this.” Jun can hear Sho’s gasp at that, and Jun just presses closer, letting Sho feel his interest, “I want you. Is that answer enough for you?”
Instantly, Sho growls, and Jun is honestly so surprised by the aggression when Sho’s hand grabs a quick hold of Jun’s hair to yank him away from Sho’s ear, only to force him forward again, to kiss Jun with such intensity it leaves Jun gasping into Sho’s mouth.
Jun’s fingers immediately close around the fabric of Sho’s jacket, burying themselves in the softness at Sho’s chest, and he sighs, letting himself feel as soon as the kiss slows down, as the urgency decreases, and the anxiety evaporates.
There is always a risk at such a step, but now that they are certain they are on equal ground, they can take their time to taste one another, and Sho certainly makes use of the opportunity to tongue Jun’s lips, which Jun in turn answers by tugging on Sho’s fat bottom one. He grins into the kiss when it makes Sho scoff and retaliates by biting at Jun’s upper lip.
Then Jun breaks away, dragging Sho’s lip with him a little along the way, just to give the other man a small pang of pain, equal to the one Sho just gave Jun’s scalp,
“Didn’t know you were so impatient, Sakurai-san.” He grins.
Jun just cannot help the teasing, cannot help the happy tingle in his chest, and thus he makes an unembarrassed little yelp when Sho unabashedly splays a palm over the small of his back and roughly pulls him close again to kiss him, this time not giving up the fervour before Jun opens his mouth to let Sho’s tongue in. Sho is so warm, and Jun soon melts in his arms, letting Sho’s tongue move across his, tasting all of Jun.
This is what he has so been yearning for, that desire reaching its peak now. Jun wonders how long he has been wanting Sho to do this to him.
Sho breaks away from the kiss, moving to kiss along Jun’s jaw, across to the hollow beneath his ear, and Jun sighs deeply, one hand moving up to bury itself in Sho’s thick hair,
Jun’s body is heating up in anticipation and just then, there is a knock at the door. A very unwelcome knock at that.
Sho does not stop marking a path along Jun’s smooth skin with his lips, only moving down Jun’s neck to nibble teasingly, occasionally using a little teeth.
Swallowing with difficulty, Jun tries to chase the person at the door away,
“Not now!”
The knocking stops. Only to be replaced by Ninomiya’s voice,
“But Matsumoto-san, I cannot find Sho-chan. I am afraid he’s abandoned ship after all. Have you seen him?”
Surprisingly, it makes Sho chuckle against Jun’s throat, before he mischievously bites Jun’s Adam’s Apple, and Jun moans,
“I- I have not seen him no-” Sho has taken to lick the spot as an apology, but it makes it difficult for Jun to speak, “Just- Just give me a minute, ok?”
A moment of silence, and Jun thinks Nino has abandoned his mission. He pushes at Sho’s arms, to get him to stop molesting Jun’s neck – Jun fears the amount of marks Sho has left on him already. He then moves in to pay him back by grabbing hold of his upper arms and pushes him back against the wall again, moving his own body flush against Sho’s. And just to be bold, he rolls his hips against Sho’s, creating oh-so delicious friction, and smirks when it makes Sho groan rather loudly.
“He is there with you, isn’t he?”
This time, Jun is the one to laugh breathlessly, burying his face in the crook of Sho’s neck when the other man throws a whispered curse at the door.
“Ok, ok, I get it. Don’t worry, I am such a good man I won’t do anything you would not like me to do, J, until you two are done. Be nice to him ok.”
“He should tell you to be nice, not the other way around.” Jun breathes out, his words making Sho’s soft skin around his collarbone all damp and hot.
“Am I really too much for the great pirate captain Matsumoto?”
The affectionate mockery in Sho’s deep voice makes Jun laugh again, before he grabs Sho’s jaw in his hand, “Shut up.” And brings him in for another deep kiss.

If Sho had known Jun would be this good with his mouth, he would have broken the ice earlier. What the pirate is currently doing to Sho, is something Sho never thought he would be able to feel, even during his wildest fantasies, and it just sticks to prove that pirates may have something other than rum and stinky breath to share with others.
Surely, with Sho’s family background and his work ethics, there has not been much time for intimacy like this, and Sho has not had many lovers. For Jun to so easily figure out what he likes then, when Sho was not even sure himself, is a feat Sho quickly comes to appreciate a lot.
Upon realising that he probably would never get a chance to be with someone he feels such attraction to, if he returns to Japan, Sho made up his mind rather easily about staying on Remarkable. Though, it was after all, a talk with Nino which brought him to realise his complicated and essential emotions towards the pirate captain.
Additionally, Sho immensely likes the thought of Jun leaving the whorehouse without sleeping with his old acquaintance just because he wants to be with Sho, because he wants Sho just as much as Sho wants Jun, perhaps even more so.
It is evident in the way Jun teases his way across Sho’s stomach, licks and sucks at the skin he exposed only minutes ago when Jun pushed Sho to his bed, crawling over him all agile and feline with fire in those brown eyes of his. The man is a contradiction, all innocent curiosity and a dreamer in one moment, but demanding and daring when he finds the need to be.
Sho wonders if he will ever get enough as he tugs at Jun’s hair with urgency, and he gasps when Jun suddenly uses his teeth to scrape over one of Sho’s nipples.
Humming against the sensitive nub, Jun licks it better, bringing up a hand to run it boldly across Sho’s abdomen, rubbing his sides, and Sho’s muscles clench instinctively,
“Jun-“ Sho hisses, digging his nails into Jun’s lower back, stroking it possessively.
Sho does not like being the thrashing bottom, but when Jun’s mouth moves lower south, straight towards Sho’s heavy, neglected cock, the navy captain’s breath hitches in anticipation, and he waits, waits for that sinful mouth to just move lower…
Then Jun stops, only to tongue Sho’s navel enthusiastically, causing Sho’s hips to surge upwards, his back arching. Sho is fisting the soft blankets underneath him in frustration, when Jun breaks the silence between bites into soft flesh,
“We could place a ring here, to make you more piraty.”
There is no denying the spikes of pleasure Jun’s molestations give Sho’s sensitive, thin skin, but nevertheless Sho insistently pulls at Jun’s brown, tousled locks, hard, at the same time as he thrusts forward again, trying to no avail to get Jun to move downwards,
“As a matter of fact,” the pirate just continues, didactically spreading his palm over Sho’s hipbone and pressing him down, “I actually have a piercing which would suit you, and it is even from the ballast of your own ship. I reckon it would be hot,”
His breath is sticky on Sho’s belly, and Sho has no brain capacity to process that proposal at all now. Now, when Jun is so stubbornly set on teasing the wit away from Sho.
Sho pulls Jun’s hair too roughly to get the man’s face upwards, up, in order for Sho to suck on his swollen lips again, to lick those gorgeous beauty marks around Jun’s mouth, to push his tongue against Jun’s. Bold and impatient enough, Sho grabs a hold of Jun’s naked ass with both hands, squeezes, just as he rubs their erections together, and it makes Jun moan so sweetly against Sho’s open mouth that Sho cannot help but smile wickedly.
Jun is all smooth, hard lines against Sho and despite how much Sho likes seeing him in his pirate wear, he has to admit the man certainly does not look less attractive without clothes. All that fighting with the wheel, the heavy lifting and the running back and forth over the deck has given Jun beautiful lines of muscle across his back, his arms and his stomach.
With one hand at the side of Jun’s face, thumb stroking his cheekbone, Sho moves the other between them, searching and finding Jun’s hand resting at Sho’s side. And he grabs it, takes it and guides it where Jun apparently could not find his way by himself.
“Touch me,” Sho asks, voice a strained whisper against Jun’s mouth, and he lets Jun take hold of his cock, gently helping him wrap his long fingers around the hard length.
Jun’s lips form a cheeky grin, but he finally indulges Sho, palming him even as Sho lets his hand go,
“Yes-“ Sho throws his head back when Jun starts stroking, feeling how he grows hot in Jun’s hand, “Like that, yes, Jun.”
“Like this?” Jun moves his thumb over the slit, smearing the precome around Sho’s swollen head, before giving the shaft a bold squeeze.
Sho’s hips surge forward as he groans loudly, throwing his head back, exposing him perfectly for Jun’s mouth to start sucking on his pulse.
To think that the pirate captain of Remarkable would be the one to be able to do these things to Sho, it is outrageous in itself, Sho’s rational, conventional side tells him, while this newly found adventurous part of him says to hell with it. Sho was rebellious even as a child, so for him to rediscover that side of himself, is that really so weird?
Jun was right all along; the society has moulded Sho to their desire, in order for him to contribute to a rotting society, and Sho was not strong enough to keep it at bay when he grew out of his teenage body. The inheritance of his father bound him to become as obliging and loyal as the other Sakurais have been before him, but can he not be obliging and loyal to something else? To someone he believes in?
Suddenly, Jun moves downwards, and Sho’s mind completely blanks out when he sees Jun parting his lips, to take the head of Sho’s cock into his mouth, and hollow his cheeks to give it a long, hard suck.
Sho gasps and fights to not just thrust up into the inviting heat of Jun’s mouth. Twisting the blankets underneath him, Sho bends one knee to give Jun more room, which Jun gladly accepts by sucking deeper, diligent as he takes more of Sho to the back of his mouth.
Jun bolts ahead with determination, reducing Sho to a garbled mess when he soon starts to work his throat around Sho’s dick with a vengeance, moving halfway upwards before taking Sho to the hilt again and again, until Sho feels the muscles of Jun’s throat squeezing the tip of his cock. At this point, it is taking all of his willpower not to come, his thighs quaking, his fingers tugging strands of thick hair desperately.
That is when Jun lets go, when Sho is so close to come that he gasps at the loss of heat, eyes springing open to watch how Jun teasingly moves his mouth away to roll his tongue around the wedge between base and tip,
“Please,” Sho hears himself moaning faintly, both hands now in Jun’s hair, nails digging over his scalp.
Jun chuckles breathlessly, and lets go completely with a quiet pop, which makes Sho’s groan in frustration, eyes shooting annoyed daggers, wondering why in the world Jun would stop.
He is met with an innocent smile, and he cannot help but lick his lips at the sight of Jun below him, the pirate situated on all fours, the muscles of his back rising and falling as he pants, clearly as affected and strung up as Sho is. Sho’s eyes move down between Jun’s legs to shamelessly take in the sight of Jun’s solid cock, aligned with Jun’s lower abdomen and leaking. Had Jun not been between his legs right now, doing things to him, Sho would surely have wanted to steal a taste too. He will save that thought for next time.
As soon as Jun notices Sho’s staring, a smirk forms on Jun’s lips and he takes himself in hand, encircles the base of his length before spreading the white pearl of pre-come around the tip. He purrs in the back of his throat, and Sho’s eyes narrow when they move back to meet Jun’s heady stare, intently fixed on Sho.
“Come here,” Sho demands and grabs a firm hold of Jun’s upper arm, pulling him forward demandingly, to turn them around, forcing Jun down against the pillows.
Sho takes his mouth in his, kisses him with fervour, and with want coursing through his blood, he moves down to substitute Jun’s hands with his own, instantly starting to move his hand up and down in an even pace. He hears how the breath hitches in Jun’s throat, and Sho swallows his moans of appreciation. He feels powerful, for being able to reduce Jun to this, just as Jun is able to tear Sho apart. But it is not enough, not yet.
Jun feels firm and warm in his hand, soft, but there will be time for further exploration and appreciation later. As on edge and stretched thin as they both are now, it will only be a matter of time before none of them can take it anymore. And Sho wants to feel Jun around him when that happens.
“Jun,” Sho kisses the side of his face, his ear, “Find me something,”
As a way of explaining, Sho rubs his damp body up against Jun’s, his hand reluctantly letting go of Jun’s cock to move over his soft, inner thigh, sliding downwards before he grabs a hold and lifts Jun’s leg, asking and exposing at the same time.
A quiet, short whine gives Sho an indication of Jun’s anticipation, his slowly collapsing ability to think, before the pirate turns with difficulty, reluctant to move too far away from Sho, and he opens the cardboard beside the bed to roam through one of the drawers. Jun grunts quietly in exertion, before he finally finds what he was searching for, presenting Sho with a small, white bottle with a cork put in the slim opening.
All the while, Sho watches him with lustful eyes, situated on his knees, fingers holding onto Jun’s thighs, eyes occasionally flickering down and taking in Jun’s exposed state which Jun is so willingly presenting to him.
He wants him so much it almost hurts. He wants to take everything that Jun is willing to offer, everything and a little more, clawing at Jun’s white skin, feeling how he can envelop Sho, and how Sho can stretch and give in return. It is only fair, Sho thinks, with all that Jun has put him through.
Though, when Jun turns to him again, to lean up on his elbows to urgently press the cold flask into Sho’s hands, a plea in his eyes, Sho notices the patches of red on Jun’s ears, around his neck, and he smiles smugly. So Jun is not as trained as Sho would initially have thought.
Sho tilts his head at Jun, wondering how many times someone has had this man. There cannot be much time when one is at sea. Unless, of course, one’s lover decides to join in on the journey.
“Shut up.” Jun just says then, turning away with a cute redness to his cheeks.
A redness Sho reaches for and kisses away, slowly, comforting while his fingers work on removing the cork stopper, listening to the quiet squeaky noise and Jun’s satisfied sighs in Sho’s mouth.
As soon as he gets the bottle opened, he turns it to pour plenty of the cold, oily liquid onto his fingers, making sure they are greasy and covered before he moves down to circle them around Jun’s hole, massaging the tight ring of muscle.
Now Jun is the one to wiggle in the sheets while Sho changes between kissing the discomfort away from his face, and watching him for signs of hurt as he lets the first digit poke its way in, experimenting.
And Sho cannot help but groan at how tight Jun is, how he clenches around the first joint of Sho’s finger.
“Sho,” Jun whispers, breaking away from their kiss to let himself fall back on the mattress, staring at Sho with heavy-lidded eyes and parted lips, “Fuck me.”
The demand is enough to make Sho’s cock jump, but he does not want to hurt Jun, and thus he will make sure to take his time, slowly pushing his finger further in before he starts poking around, fingering Jun’s entrance.
Using his arm to support his weight beside Jun’s head, Sho moves to hover over Jun’s lithe body, situated between Jun’s legs and then he forces in the second finger, instantly leaning down to kiss Jun’s furrowing brow at the intrusion. Sho hums against his skin when Jun mewls.
Then Jun places a hand on Sho’s shoulder, letting his nails dig into the muscle there, simultaneously with his hips surging forward to urge Sho on. Silently begging for Sho to speed up.
Realising this spoiled side of Jun, Sho only wants to frustrate him even more, to hear him beg for it again and again, and he chuckles when he breaks away to pour even more oil over his fingers, making sure he shoots Jun a challenging look when the liquid makes lewd sounds around his digits.
When he inserts them again, he obligingly opts to be a bit harsher, starting to scissor and open Jun up, dragging his fingers against the inner walls.
Jun moans now, muffling the sound by leaning up to bite Sho’s neck, albeit half-heartedly in his arousal. His breath is hot as he pants, and thus Sho turns his head to kiss his hair,
“Breathe. Relax.” He tells Jun, letting the man collapse back into the sheets.
Sho watches with wonder as Jun buries his face in the pillow, coming apart and begging quietly for Sho to speed up.
Not until Sho is satisfied, does he insert the third digit, watching on as Jun cries out and tries his best to control his breathing. Sho wants to help him along, so he moves down to kiss along his exposed neck and his collarbones, to distract him from the stretching and burning Sho is causing him.
While Sho tastes Jun’s skin, Sho’s name becomes a whispery chant falling over Jun’s lips again and again, and when Jun angles his hips upwards, bringing Sho’s fingers deeper, Sho knows he is close to being ready.
He then starts searching for that particular spot, changing between scissoring Jun’s hole and moving around experimentally, while in his periphery, Sho can see how Jun’s cock looks painfully hard, white liquid having smeared on Jun’s abdomen.
Then Jun suddenly gasps, a hitched yell silenced against the back of Jun’s hand, the pirate trying to save some dignity, and Sho knows he has found it. So he smiles, his own breathing laboured since he wants nothing but to fuck into the inviting heat between Jun’s legs as fast as possible, knowing how the anticipation only builds the longer he drags this out.
He places a parting kiss against the beauty mark on Jun’s nipple before he removes his fingers, ignoring Jun’s whine as he occupies himself with preparing his cock, stroking it slowly to slicken it up properly. When he catches Jun’s eyes, he slows down, taking pleasure in the way Jun moans at the sight of Sho stroking himself, the sounds heavy in his ears.
“Please,” now Jun is the one to beg, “Please, come on.”
Sho moves back to cover Jun’s body with his own, one hand guiding his cock towards Jun’s entrance, letting the head teasingly poke the opening, and Jun’s back arches,
“What do you want?”
Jun moans again, wanton and desperate, but Sho wants him to say it once more as he licks the shell of Jun’s ear, breathing hot air against the sensitive skin, “Tell me, Jun. Say it.”
Suddenly, Sho feels Jun’s leg wrapping itself around his lower back, a heel digging against his spine. Jun’s brown eyes burn, when he growls out his demand “Fuck me, Sho. Fuck me.”
Finally, Sho thrusts forward against Jun’s shaking walls, slowly, but with purpose, going in halfway with the first push, his lips caressing softly across Jun’s jaw, pressing a soft nibble on the side of his mouth.
Jun is panting, trying his best to relax, and Sho rewards him by rocking forward again, stopping once he is fully sheathed inside Jun.
It is difficult to stop and let Jun adjust to his size when he feels so tight around Sho, so hot, his walls sucking around Sho’s cock.
Sho groans and Jun wraps his other leg around him, pulls him slightly inwards, though not without gasping quietly, trying to hide the sound by biting his lip.
“Easy. Don’t be too impatient,” Sho whispers against his lips, swallowing with difficulty.
Jun feels so good, and it takes all of Sho’s control to wait. He occupies them both by stroking Jun’s sides affectionately, moving over Jun’s backside, his thighs and the back of his knees, taking his time to appreciate the softness of Jun’s skin, the firmness of his limbs.
Jun turns his head to kiss the side of Sho’s neck, “You are so proper,” he whispers, his following chuckle breathy, “You can be a little rough you know.”
“I don’t want to hurt you.”
Another chuckle, this time tickling Sho’s ear, “I want to feel Sho, I want it to burn a little when you fuck into me.”
Despite Sho’s reluctance to see pain in Jun’s eyes, the request still does things to him, and because of it, he kisses Jun with a growl and he starts moving, mirroring the thrusts with his tongue, affectively silencing the first few whimpers from Jun.
First, Jun’s body fights against the intrusion, but when it starts to get easier to move, Sho speeds up, urged on by the way Jun claws at his back, pressing himself as close to Sho as possible, small cute moans now emitted against Sho’s shoulder,
“Sho-“ his name becomes a hitched moan when he moves around to change his angle, and when he trusts again, he is allowed deeper into Jun, pleasure causing shivers down his spine.
There will be red scratching marks on his back come morning, but Sho only likes the thought of that, those small pangs of pain accommodating the perfect feeling of Jun around him, the feeling of accomplishment of finally being exactly where he wants to be.
Jun is writhing underneath him, arching up and starting to move his hips in a rhythm against Sho. He is biting his bottom lip hard to keep most of his sounds contained, which Sho puts a stop to by pressing his thumb against it, forcing the tip into Jun’s mouth to push downwards against his teeth and open it. And instantly, those delicious, delirious sounds fill the room,
“Moan for me, Jun.”
He wants all the other pirates on the ship to know that he is the one to fuck their captain. Briefly, Sho’s thoughts drift to Jun’s first mate, and he cannot help but feel smug, self-congratulatory when he imagines the look on that perfectly cold man’s face when he hears about this.
That wish has Sho make a particularly hard thrust, sending the headboard of Jun’s bed banging against the wall, the mattress squeaking slightly beneath them and Jun throws his head back with a whine, baring his long neck to Sho.
Now Sho is the one to utter Jun’s name, upping his pace and listening to the obscene sound of his hips against Jun’s ass as he licks a long line over Jun’s Adam’s Apple, bobbing when he teasingly bites into it. The desire to possess and wreck grows in him as Sho grabs a hold of the back of Jun’s thighs, forcing them out of their hold around him to move them further upwards at the same time as he leans forward, the action bringing his cock deeper.
He watches when Jun’s eyes roll to the back of his skull, unfathomable pleasure marring his strong features, and Sho can feel the clenching feeling in his gut building, knowing that he is getting closer along with Jun underneath him.
“Harder,” Jun begs, fighting to send Sho a demanding stare, and it is almost cute how he tries so hard to be commanding, considering the state he is in.
Sho snaps his hips forward,
“Fuck, yes- Sho, harder.”
Just like he does on deck, Jun makes it increasingly harder for Sho to control himself, to keep his cool, and with every thrust into Jun, every snap of his hips, Sho loses the strength to hold back, every time hitting harder, fulfilling Jun’s request.
The headboard is now making a constant chant of banging, mixing with Sho’s deep groans and Jun’s moans of his name, no longer prevented in any way of escaping.
And just as Jun looks as if he will fall, just as the veins on his neck pop and his hold on Sho’s shoulders tightens, Sho pulls out – does so with an insane surge of will – and Jun shouts in confusion and shock, eyes springing open, the protest ready on his lips.
But then Sho grabs his arm and turns him around to shove him to his stomach, his disapproval muffled against his silk pillows. Quickly crawling over him, Sho tauntingly presses his front against Jun’s back, letting Jun feel the tip of his cock against the back of his thighs.
Jun gasps again, this time realising what Sho is doing, and he lifts himself up on his hands and knees with difficulty, gaining his balance just in time for Sho to push into that slick heat again, one hand instantly grabbing hold of Jun’s hip to pull him back against Sho’s cock as he continues fucking him.
With his other hand, Sho strokes Jun’s long back, fingers his spine and his heady skin, for just a few seconds before he lets that hand too, join the other, and then he pounds into Jun, faster and faster, taking and taking while Jun does his best to breathe, words difficult for him even as he just whimpers Sho’s name, while he tries to buck back and meet Sho’s rapid thrusts.
Sho still has not touched Jun’s straining cock, but there is no need to; Sho can feel how Jun shivers underneath him, sees how the muscles of his thighs tense up, and Sho almost has him, and he wants to do one last thing, to ensure that when Jun falls off the edge, he falls hard.
The wish to have Jun feel slightly claustrophobic and completely consumed has Sho grabbing hold of Jun’s knees, pushing them forward for Jun to end up flattening down against the mattress, and Sho can push deeper again, Jun feeling it with a yell and a jolt upwards as he fights Sho’s weight now leaning against his back.
Sho chuckles in his ear, snaps his hips upwards roughly,
“I wonder what your crew is gonna say, when they find out,” Sho’s words have the desired effect when Jun moans, “How do you suggest I tell Matsuda-san? ‘Last night, I – a government official – fucked your captain so hard he screamed.’”
Then, Sho grabs onto one of Jun’s ass cheeks, spreading it and slamming back into him,
“Cry for me, Jun. I want you to scream my name.”
Arms quaking, hips bucking, Jun forces his eyes shut, breath hitching, and then he comes undone by a brutal thrust, dirtying his sheets and his stomach, and while his walls clench furiously around Sho, Sho pulls Jun back up and against him, thrusting mindlessly through Jun’s orgasm until he feels it himself, the wave hitting him hard and he releases inside Jun.
He slows down and thrusts shallowly to ride out his orgasm, until he pulls out, taking Jun with him as they collapse on the bed.
Movement beside him has Sho turning his head despite his exhaustion, panting as he tries to regain his breath. But a smile cannot be kept from his face when he feels how Jun’s warmth snuggles up to him, the pirate nosing his neck.
“Who knew,” Jun says, still out of breath, “That a previous navy man could be so damn rough in bed.”
Satisfaction and bliss softens Jun’s words, and he has started drawing random patterns across Sho’s sweaty chest.
“Who knew a pirate captain could be such a loud bottom.”
Jun emits a miffed sound, nose scrunching up in displeasure,
“You asked for it,” Sho just continues, but shows his contentment by wrapping his arm around Jun’s middle, pulling him closer, “Don’t you dare ask anyone else now.”
When Jun looks up at him at Sho’s possessive demand, he narrows his eyes,
“You do know there are conditions for that right? I cannot just fulfil your request without making demands of my own.”
The daring pirate is back, and Sho smirks, knowing exactly what he means. He wets his lips,
“I was here when you came back, wasn’t I?”
“You were.”
“Then what? What more do you want?”
Sho thought Jun only wanted him to join his crew, to turn his back on the government of Japan, to stay on Remarkable despite it all. He reckons Jun’s plan is for him to remain underground, for him to remain dead in Japan’s heart, remain dead and gone to his family. To be someone else, someone who does not exist in the records. It would give Jun a great advantage to have a man on board that people thought to be dead. Sho will be no one until he makes a new name for himself.
A kiss is planted against Sho’s chest as Jun ponders on what to say. There is a speck of fear to be detected in the hard set of his mouth, and Sho wants to take that insecurity away so badly.
“I need someone to help me navigate. That was the initial plan when I brought you on board.”
Despite what they just did and despite his confidence on deck, when it comes to Sho, Jun is still somewhat unsure, it seems. And though it does sadden Sho, he understands.
The two of them have still only come halfway.
Sho runs his hand across Jun’s brow, removes his bangs and lets his fingers slide down the side of Jun’s face in an affectionate gesture.
Maybe Jun took his Daylight away, maybe Jun sunk his future and his crew, his family and his inheritance. But he gave Sho something else. He gave him freedom. Something Sho was not even aware he wanted until he got a taste of it,
“Jun- no, Captain Matsumoto,” Sho says, and his ironic seriousness makes Jun raise his head a little from where it rests on Sho’s chest, “I refuse to wear an eyepatch, and I am not sure I want to be called a pirate just yet but. The job as your pilot, I can quite easily accept.”
The relief and joy makes Jun’s face split into a smile Sho sees for the first time, one that makes his eyes become like two half-moons, complementing the dotted constellations Sho has found across his face and body. He is breath taking, and when he kisses Sho insistently, to make sure Sho feels how happy this agreement makes him, he presses his big, soft lips against Sho’s again and again, in an unspoken thankfulness, that Sho will perhaps later come to understand and see more of.
He wants to.
Jun may have taken his ship away, his thoroughly planned future, but like this, Sho reckons he does not need Daylight – he would rather be forever here, beside Jun, in the dark, admiring the night and its sea of stars.

“ Only the Devil and I know the whereabouts of my treasure, and the one of us who lives the longest should take it all. ”
- Edward “Blackbeard” Teach

Tags: p: matsumoto jun/sakurai sho, r: nc-17, year: 2016
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